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Our Mission

We want to change the world by bringing affordable, premium quality web services to companies, startups and non-profit organizations. We are committed to solving challenges for our clients, and helping companies grow.

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We work with small and medium size companies and help them bring their business to the next level. We start by learning how our clients work. Discovering their biggest needs is essential and is the starting point of every project.

We can design a full corporate identity, design and build a beautiful website, e-shop or mobile app.

All websites and e-shops we’ve created run on WordPress and our development framework Copernicus.


We have a long history of working with startups and love helping them get on the right track. We are currently involved with several startups and help them in the conceptual stage, design process, project management and development phase.

Startups often don’t have a huge budget, that’s why we try to be flexible and affordable.

If you have a startup, or want to have one, get in touch and we’ll help you.


We’ve been working with non-profit organizations for over 10 years. We know what it takes to do well.

For our non-profit customers we design and develop websites, build and launch marketing campaigns and help to improve conversion rates.

We have a heart for non-profit organizations. That’s why every year we pick few organizations that can’t afford a web project and help them get sponsors or we pay for it ourselves.

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Have project you’d like us to build? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know the details of your project (timescale, budget etc.) and we’ll get you an estimate for the perfect solution.

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